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Fucking underserved win....

Celtic 1-0 Man Utd
Celtic edged through to the knockout phase of the Champions League thanks to a wonderful Shunsuke Nakamura free-kick and a penalty save from Artur Boruc.

The Japanese star curled a sweet 30-yard strike into the top corner after 80 minutes to brighten what had been a cagey affair.

Manchester United striker Louis Saha was guilty of a terrible miss when he appeared to assume he was offside.

And Saha's night got worse when Boruc saved his last-minute penalty kick.

Man Utd: Van der Sar, Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic, Heinze (Evra 87), Ronaldo, Carrick (O'Shea 87), Scholes, Giggs, Saha, Rooney.
Subs Not Used: Kuszczak, Brown, Richardson, Fletcher, Silvestre.

Booked: Scholes.

Player ratings

Van der Sar - Had no chance with the goal and had little else to do 6

Neville - Solid defensively and got forward to good effect 7

Ferdinand -  A calm presence at the back and his distribution was solid 6

Vidic - Harshly penalised for free-kick which led to goal and otherwise solid 6

Heinze - His usual combative self without causing many problems going forward 6

Carrick - Knitted United's dominant midfield play together 7

Scholes - Started brightly but faded 6

Giggs - Looked dangerous in the first half but went missing after the break 6

Ronaldo - A constant threat down the right and his direct running, especially in the second half, was dangerous 7

Rooney - A couple of useful efforts and put Saha through for a good chance late on 7

Saha - Missed one good chance and then the penalty 5


Evra - No time to make an impact

O'Shea - No time to make an impact

23.11.06 16:19

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