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Bolton 0-4 Man Utd
A Wayne Rooney treble kept Manchester United top of the table as Bolton lost at home for the first time this season.

Rooney slammed United into an early lead after receiving a perfect pass from England team-mate Michael Carrick.

And he made it two with a cool curling shot from just outside the box as United dominated the early stages.

Bolton were unable to hit back and Cristiano Ronaldo slotted in a third before the brilliant Rooney completed his hat-trick with a fine solo effort.

Player ratings

Van der SAR - had the best view in the house for 25 minutes, and a physical battle with Bolton's front line after that 6

Neville - Not really a day for United defenders, but he overlapped to good effect and tidied at the back 6

Ferdinand - Could afford to have an easy day of it with his defensive partner in such commanding form 6

Vidic - Awesome at the back at a time when Bolton tried to bludgeon their way back into the game through physical presence 8

Evra - Found the going a bit too physical once Bolton got into gear, and ended up being stretchered off 6

Carrick - Amid all the flamboyance and the flair, he was available to keep the cogs oiled with smart, quick passing 8

Ronaldo - Played his part in a magnificent opening 25 minutes by United, but drifted in and out of the game after that 7

Giggs - Sublime at times in the first half, and his work rate didn't drop when the match became more of a contest 7

Scholes - His passing was as sweet and sure as ever, and he still put in the customary rattling tackles when needed 8

Rooney - Two goals of supreme quality completed his fightback from poor form - back at his monstrous best 9

Saha - Should have scored in second half, and that would have been a fitting reward for his link-up play 7


Heinze (for Evra 62 mins) - eased back into action after Wednesday's exertions 5

O'Shea (for Saha 84) - Just a tidying up job to do when he came on 5

Fletcher (for Giggs 84) - His only job was to see the game to the final whistle 5


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