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Blackburn 0-1 Man Utd


Manchester United maintained their three-point advantage at the Premiership summit with a hugely impressive victory at Blackburn.

Louis Saha turned in the 64th minute winner after Ryan Giggs had brilliantly retrieved John O'Shea's cross.

Wayne Rooney should have put United out of sight in the first half, missing two glorious chances to score.

But Blackburn were barely seen as an attacking force, and United's victory margin should have been more emphatic.

Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, predictably, were United's main source of danger in a first 45 minutes they dominated completely.


Blackburn v United: Player ratings

Van der Sar: His defence kept Rovers attack away from danger area but one good late save 6

Neville: Didn't bomb on with the success and dynamism of the Portsmouth match 6

Evra: Another neat, tidy and strong display to add to the ever growing list 7

Ferdinand: Successfully kept the lid on McCarthy danger with no frills resistance 7

Vidic: The Serb was in his usual no-nonsense menacing mood 8

Ronaldo: Not everything came off for him but he was a persistent problem for Blackburn 8

Scholes: Was United's star in the early part of game when they were struggling to get going 8

Carrick: Kept it nice and simple with the odd killer ball thrown in 6

Giggs: Not at his superb best but was still the one man alive to the goal chance 7

Rooney: Should have been match winner with a string of gilt-edged chances but his general play got him off hook 8

Saha: Was in slippery form and inevitable he should be on the end of match-winning chance 8


O'Shea (sub Neville 45): Had a hand in goal 6

Silvestre (sub Evra 89): No problems to deal with 5

Fletcher (sub Ronaldo 90): No time to get involved 5


12.11.06 12:54

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kris (12.11.06 18:14)
find das immer sehr schön und ausführlich :D
weiter so,ich les hier gern wie ManU gespielt hat

(15.11.06 15:03)
danke, freut mich das du hier guckst

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