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Man Utd 3-0 Everton
Manchester United maintained their three-point lead at the Premiership summit with a comfortable win.

Sir Alex Ferguson's much-changed side struggled to find rhythm early on, but Cristiano Ronaldo broke the deadlock with a 20-yard finish after 39 minutes.

Everton had no cutting edge and Patrice Evra scored his first goal for United from a tight angle after 63 minutes.

Substitute John O'Shea wrapped up the win with a flicked finish from Evra's cross two minutes from time.

  • Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson:
    "After dropping two points against Chelsea this was an important game for us.

    "I had to make changes because we have got an important Champions League game against Benfica coming up and we couldn't afford injuries and players coming out of the cold to play.

    "Cristiano Ronaldo took his goal well and it was a good strike from Patrice Evra as well. He's a good striker of the ball and he's got real enthusiasm.

    "We have got players to win games, but need a defensive record that wins titles and it was good to get another clean sheet."

    Man Utd: Van der Sar, Neville, Ferdinand, Silvestre, Evra, Fletcher, Carrick (Brown 73), O'Shea, Richardson, Rooney, Ronaldo (Heinze 68).
    Subs Not Used: Kuszczak, Saha, Scholes.

    Booked: Evra.

    Goals: Ronaldo 39, Evra 63, O'Shea 89.

  •  BBC

    Player ratings

    Van der Sar: Routine stuff for the big Dutchman 6

    Neville: No defensive problems and was disciplined in his attacking forages 7

    Evra: Deserved his first United goal for his season's work so far 7

    Ferdinand: Never asked any serious questions by Everton's lacklustre attack 7

    Silvestre: Not started alongside Ferdinand since mid-September but it didn't show 7

    Fletcher: Put in his usual 90-minutes unstinting hard work 6

    Carrick: Didn't really grasp nettle without Scholes but did nothing wrong 6

    O'Shea: Made a few errors but he rescued them himself most times 6

    Richardson: Set pieces were his best chance to shine and he almost got a great reward 6

    Ronaldo: Settled United's nerves with a disciplined performance 7

    Rooney: Two good chances as he strove hard to shove away fan's taunts 6
    down throats


    Heinze (sub Ronaldo 67) Rock hard cameo 6

    Brown (sub Carrick 72) Brief midfield role! 5

    Saha, Scholes, Kuszczak not used


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