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Man Utd 3-1 Man City
Manchester United extended their Premiership lead to nine points with a win over neighbours Manchester City.

Wayne Rooney turned in Cristiano Ronaldo's cross after five minutes and Louis Saha bundled home a second from a Gabriel Heinze cross on half-time.

City lost injured keeper Nicky Weaver, but Hatem Trabelsi pulled one back with a rising drive after 73 minutes.

Ronaldo's late strike sealed the win, before City's Bernardo Corradi was sent off for diving.


PLayers ratings

Van der Sar: The Dutchman was busier than he really should have been but he kept Blues out easily 7

Neville: Looked like he was going to make early exit with injury but ran it off, and kept Vassell quiet for the most part 7

Heinze: The South American relished the derby in defence but didn't get forward much 7

Ferdinand: Had been in total command but didn't halt Trabelsi in his tracks for City's goal 7

Vidic: The giant Serb again did a great job and got his head on everything. Totally dominated Corradi 8

Ronaldo: Thatcher tried to rough him up at times but he never flinched and won the one-to-one battle 7

Carrick: One or two passes were almost goal assists but they were few and far between 6

Scholes: The architect of virtually every dangerous move United made though he did have a couple of defensive lapses 9

Giggs: Played more derbies than anybody on the pitch but this was one of his quietest - only a few real Giggsy moments 6

Rooney: The most dangerous attacker on the field. Not everything came off for him but had plenty of efforts 8

Saha: On the spot for United's second but this was one of the Frenchman's least dangerous games for a while 6


O'Shea (sub Saha 66): Came on to shore things up but City scored! 5


Solskjaer, Fletcher, Silvestre, Kuszczak not used


United: Rooney (5), Saha (45), Ronaldo (84)

City: Trabelsi (72)


United: Rooney (55)


11.12.06 17:57

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